Tarkington Middle School

When asked what his "why" is for being so involved and committed to the education of our students, Mr. Sean McCabe replied, "Students deserve the chance to experience success. Success does not come on demand; we have to learn how to work for success." In doing so, Tarkington Middle School has had the privilege and opportunity of incorporating instructional coaching to support the staff and students of our campus. We are happy to introduce you to the two ladies who are filling this capacity and doing a tremendous job, Mrs. Michelle Coogler and Mrs. Terri Berry.     "I have lived on the Prairie for thirty-five years; it is my home. My passion and commitment to the education of our students drives me to continuously raise the bar, not only for myself, but for my colleagues and ultimately our students," says Mrs. Berry. "By aligning from department to department, grade to grade, our little microcosm of a campus can effectively pursue innovative ideas while maintaining tried and true principles." Mrs. Berry is the instructional coach for our ELAR department. 
     "Teaching is more than just a job, it's a passion. I believe that EVERY child has the ability to learn when placed in the right environment and provided the right resources," says Mrs. Coogler. "This year, as an Instructional Coach, the goal for my fellow co-workers is the same as for my students- SUCCESS. Though success is personalized and individualized, I hope to be a support and a resource that will encourage teachers to seek the best practices that will promote the most growth in their classrooms." Mrs. Coogler is the instructional coach for our Math department. 
     "Our instructional coaches are our support for our teachers. They are extremely knowledgeable in their content and pedagogy. I feel the impact of instructional coaching will be significant due to the support they will provide to the teachers in TMS' persistent pursuit to drive instruction to the the level of rigor that is needed for student success," says Mr. McCabe. "Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Coogler are doing an outstanding job in their roles of instructional coaches. Their commitment to teachers and our students is already having a significant impact in the way we do things."
     Opportunity, in the dictionary, is defined as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. We are blessed to have this opportunity here at TMS, and we are blessed to have these two ladies and our administrative team to lead the way. The culture and commitment to the success of our students and staff is the foundation on which we stand. This opportunity is a stepping stone in our persistent pursuit!